Exclusive AKA Chambo Merch

When you join the AKA Chambo PEEP$, you'll become a part of my exclusive club. Each month you'll get a one-of-a-kind bundle including a t-shirt, a print, and a sticker.

These items will only be available to PEEP$ members and won't be available for sale individually.

Plus... once they're gone, they're gone. These designs will retire at the end of the month to make room for the next exclusive art work.

How it Works:

  • You set up your subscription to aka Chambo PEEP$ and every second week of the month, you'll receive a new pack of merch created just for you.
  • PEEP$ merch is created exclusively for the month and the artwork for that month isn't revealed until you get it in your hands. MYSTERIOUS RIGHT?
  • Each t-shirt will be provided in your specified size and will be a multi-colored silkscreen print in AKA Chambo's signature style. The included print will be a custom artwork in 5x7 and the sticker will be a minimum 3" glossy. All items are professionally printed.
  • You have until the end of each month to be included in the following month's pack. If you subscribe after the last day of the month, you'll receive the following month's pack. Example: If you subscribe on Jan 31, you'll receive the February pack. If you subscribe on February 1st, you'll receive the March pack.