Hello From

Sean Chambers (AKA Chambo) is a multi-media visual artist living and working in Phoenix, AZ.

English was never his best subject. Instead, he communicated through art and visuals. Filling his drawing books with doodles, made up characters, and portraits of the people around him.

Some things never change. 

His work largely speaks to themes of mental health and trauma, normalizing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

His work invites connection and uses art as a way to connect, converse, and heal.

In recent years Sean has adapted many of his paintings into digital NFT (non-fungible token) pieces and has quickly gained popularity in that community for his innovation, creativity, and commitment to helping other artists learn about the NFT space.

Much of Sean's innovation is in that he bridges two sectors of art, physical and digital. Many of is pieces are created on canvas, wood, or metal and then photographed, animated, and digitally recreated to be dynamic NFT pieces.

Today, you can find him in his home art studio pouring paint like he has an endless supply, drawing zoo animals on demand for his son, cutting stencils until his fingers bleed, or burning a screen for his next line of t-shirts and prints.

Mayor’s Arts Awards

Sean took home The Dr. Eugene Grigsby Visual Artist Award at the 2022 Mayor’s Arts Awards presented by the Phoenix Center for the Arts.