Modern, Abstract, Spontaneous

Creating art without boundaries

Sean Chambers AKA Chambo is a multi-media artist specializing in abstract, street art, and stencil work.

Inspired by all things born from the 1980’s, he isn’t afraid of color and lives for the make or break moments found on the edge of experimentation.

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Latch-Key Kid

My whole life I’ve felt like a kid that grew up not learning from my parents but learning from TV. I had a mom that worked all the time and when she came home my stepdad would put her back to work while he drank himself to sleep. So I was always just in front of the TV watching every rated R movie that my stepdad was. Yep, I watch movies that I know fucked me up for life because I was too young when I saw them. So I’ve always felt like a LATCH-KEY KID.

My Own Darkness of Words

Feel Like a Kid

Featured Series:
Faces in the Crowd

Faces in the Crowd is a series that explores the intersection where our unique qualities meet the ones we all share. We all have wild and unruly emotions. We’re all complicated and we’re all multi-layered. Perfection is a myth. My hope is that the viewer can begin to see the beauty in their own mess.