Faces in the Crowd is a series that explores the intersection where our unique qualities meets the ones we all share. We all have wild and unruly emotions. We’re all complicated and we’re all multi-layered. Perfection is a myth.

Each piece has eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a jaw line, however it is also distinctive with its own facial features. May you find yourself or someone you know deep inside them. My hope is that the viewer can begin to see the beauty in their own mess and embrace the mess of others as well.


Faces in the Crowd has given me a chance to explore a pour technique that forces me to let go of my expectations and embrace the process. When I begin each piece, I’m mostly unsure of the outcome, but as I begin to lean on my instincts, the face emerges.

I’m always a little surprised that the final face bears some resemblance to someone I know or someone I’ve seen.